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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When Did Your School Open?

A. We opened on September 6, 2016.

Q. Where is the school located?

A. We are currently located in the old St. Thomas Catholic school on 12th and Evergreen.  We are looking for a place to expand our elementary & adolescent programs in the near future while the infant/toddler/primary programs will remain where we are for the foreseeable future.

Q. What ages of children will you accept?

A. We will start with infant (6 week- 2 year), toddler (2-3), primary (3-6), and lower elementary (6-9).  Our plan is to naturally grow into an upper elementary & adolescent program as well and serve children all the way through 8th grade.

Q. Do you require children to be potty trained?

A. Children need to be at least started on potty training in the 2-3 class and must be 100% potty trained in the 3-6 classroom.

Q. What will your hours be?

A. Regular school hours will be 8:30am-3:00pm.  Before care will open at 7am and after care closes at 6pm.

Q. What if I am late picking my child up?

A. We require a 2 week notice to enroll your child in before or after care.  Should you be late picking up your child outside of your scheduled time, there will be a $1 a minute charge payable on site at that time.

Q. Will you offer lunch?

A. We will offer healthy snacks but lunch will be provided by the parents and must be completely self contained with NO processed sugar rich foods allowed.  (Juice, yogurt, candy, etc.)  All lunches must contain the following:

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Fresh Vegetable
  • Healthy Source of Protein
  • Healthy Grain

Q. Will you offer any parent training?

A. All parents with children who attend HDM will be required to attend a parent education night.  We will provide two throughout the year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  Childcare will be provided during this training.  We will also offer monthly trainings on Montessori topics, nutrition, leadership, peacemaking, etc.

Q.  Do you require a contract?

A.  We require a one year signed commitment from all families who attend HDM.  This minimizes the disruptions to the classrooms during the year.

Q.  Do you use a certain curriculum?

A.  You can find samples of the curriculum we use on the North American Montessori Center website.  We use Montessori Compass as a tracking tool.  It aligns all of what we do, with the common core counterpart so that if/when our students transfer into public school, they know right where they are.

Q.  What is your policy on attendance?

A.  If your child is not here, how can we teach them?  How can they grow?  We ask that parents plan trips around our breaks and children attend school every day, unless they are sick.  This way, we can give them the best leg up possible.  We also ask that children arrive ON TIME.  Children who show up tardy disrupt the flow of the morning in the classroom.

Q.  What is your enrollment policy?

A.  We require BOTH custodial parents (if both are involved) to come to the school for a tour (20-30 mins) and meet with our Head of School.  After this, parents are required to attend a parent info night (these will be held monthly at the school-1 hour), at that point, parents are invited to observe the classroom that their child(ren) would attend (1-3 hours).  If at this point, you are interested in enrolling your children at HDM, enrollment paperwork can be filled out and you will be entered into the pool of waiting families.  When an opening becomes available, we will meet with the potential families and our staff will make a decision on which family we feel will best fill the available spot.


If you have a question that you don’t see the answer to here, please feel free to email us at info@highdesertmontessori.org