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High Desert Montessori strives to give each prospective family as much insight and knowledge about the Montessori program as we can, so that parents can make a personal and informed decision. The application process begins with an enrollment form and a school tour. Please contact Bobbie bobbie@highdesertmontessori.org to schedule your tour and see below for our enrollment forms.

Our enrollment form for Primary or Elementary students can be found here and for Infant or Toddlers here.

Please read further for information about specific age levels.

The Infant/Toddler Program

At High Desert Montessori, we believe in age-appropriate Montessori teachings, as early as infancy. Our Infant/Toddler Program addresses both daily practical teaching; life skills and social interaction, while also introducing the principles and concepts that will perfectly position your child to learn more complicated concepts later on. For enrollment in this program, please fill out our form here.

*Note that children will progress into the Primary program from the Toddler program as they are naturally ready to do so, rather than as a function of age.

The Primary Classroom (ages 3-6)

High Desert Montessori Children’s House provides a rich learning environment where young children from 3 to 6 years of age explore and learn together. Children around age 3 enter one of High Desert Montessori’s two primary classes and continue in the same class until after their sixth birthday. This class period will encompass the learning a child would achieve through the traditional Kindergarten curriculum.

To begin as a three-year-old… Plan ahead! The pool of future three year olds fills early, usually by late October, a year before the fall term in which the child would enter as a three-year-old. The admissions process includes a classroom observation and interview. Only a limited number of appointments are available.

*Note that children will progress into the Primary program from the Toddler program as they are naturally ready to do so, rather than as a function of age.

Openings for 4-5 year olds… Openings for 4 or 5 year olds are more rare. Our community values the three-year program and children rarely transfer out of our program.

Ready to apply? Please complete our enrollment application here.

The Elementary Program (ages 6-12)

The elementary years are critically important, not only for the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will stay with these children for a lifetime, but also for the development of their attitudes toward learning, toward themselves and toward others.

Lower Elementary Program (ages 6-9)

This program will cover grades one through three.

Much of the Lower Elementary program is geared towards children’s natural love of stories and discovering where they fit in to the world. Children will learn conventional concepts, such as math and science, but in a way that leverages their natural proclivity for exploration and learning at their own pace.

Upper Elementary Program (ages 9-12)

This program covers grades four through six.

Children in this age range are beginning their transition into adolescence. Their natural curiosity is accompanied by a desire for independence. These tendencies are leveraged to encourage a love of learning and exploration, resulting in a better understanding of the educational fundamentals needed to move on and through higher education.

Openings are very limited and enrollment preference is given to children coming up through our own program, to siblings of current students, and to children whom we determine would make the smoothest transition to the program and be best served.

Ready to apply? Please complete our enrollment application here.

Inclusion Statement:

High Desert Montessori is strongly committed to maintaining a culturally diverse environment for all students, staff and parents. High Desert Montessori does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, sexual orientation, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, physical ability, marital status/family structure or any basis prohibited by law in its admissions, administration, educational policies, other school programs or in it’s employment practices.  We request that any parental concerns be discussed with the Directress.